I haven’t used this site in a while, largely because I have little to say and/or I am editing/censoring myself. Nonetheless, the biggest news of the season is almost upon us: River Monsters returns to TV (or computer the next day)  on April 1. The debut….




In the suspense-filled two-hour premiere, Jeremy Wade treks across the United States in search of deadly river monsters living in the nation’s waterways. Wade ventures from the popular Indian River Lagoon in Florida where unsuspecting water enthusiasts are faced with what could become a modern day Jaws, to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, where underwater hunters have reached man-eating proportions.



The link. The legend. The beginning of a perfect Friday night.


Start screaming “We’re all gonna die!!!!!!”

Something is going down. In the case of the – blackbirds in Arkansas and turtle doves in Italy – quite literally going down.

Is Google Maps plotting the end of days?

Better search might have yielded and led me to point out that “crowd-serfing” was christened long before this posting. Please see here for the first champagne bottle to hit the boat. Apologies to the author.

No time to write and even less inclination to do so. Maybe time to move to Tumblr just to be one of those wanna-be trend spotting recommenders. First reco? Hungarian wine, dogs, reincarnation and just about any movie with Peter O’Toole. Essential viewing. Amazing storytelling, in total and by characters.

No need for the usual archaeological implements – the relics are plainly visible to the naked eye in Montreal hotels. Years of non-smoking regulations have yet to catch up with the maintenance men of interior design.

St. Denis, St. Laurent, Jean Talon and all around – the streets of Montreal are alive with a potent hatred for Kraft. The resistance is far more nimble and quick when it comes to spreading a campaign. The same cannot be said for those whose work silos restrict them from flexing any corporate agility in response.

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