January 2010

Sometimes you’ve just gotta laugh at either the brand managers who thought they were smart enough not to have to bring in a strategic consultancy to give them some insight-driven guidance or the ad agency that figured they’d read enough Malcolm Gladwell to proudly announce to their client that the tipping point on yoga was a go with osteoporosis-worried female yogurt eaters. That’s the sad laugh we can all have at the new Yoplait product, released a few months back but definitely a few years late on tapping (not tipping) into yoga culture. Asana yogurt? Are you effing kidding me? If they haven’t been cremated, dead Swami’s around the world are rolling in their graves. If they have been cremated, why didn’t Yoplait suggest a product with ash flavoring instead of raspberry? Ridiculous. Perfect with yoga jeans. Next…


Jan Chipcase has a post up about how $1 DVD rentals available from Redstar boxes in L.A. are another sign of his future perfect, something he hails by referring to cheers for the death of Blockbuster, saying, “That roar? That’s you and you and you and me standing by the sidelines cheering in relief at knowing we’re never going to put up with that kind of experience again.”

Really? Listen a little more closely. Hear that? It’s the death of DVD, even out of a box for a buck. And it’s called….

Anything that eliminate costs, walks and scratched DVDs from any source is a by far louder signal.