md_111377_f1090496e7b0cceeebeaf95b97d8612eMy favourite summer grape, hands down, has to be Pinot Gris. For many wine drinkers, maybe neophytes more than others, it’s often mistaken as “sweet,” an off-base description that speaks more to the pear and apple powers in the mouth than the sugar that’s either natural occurring in a wine or the sugar that’s slipped in by unscrupulous blenders. I caught the Pinot Gris bug about 5 years ago when my boy, Stanley, returned from a photo shoot at Nike HQ in Portland and brought us back a bottle of Elk Cove. I think that was the name of it. I’m terrible at remembering wineries and vintages; I never caught the bug for caring too much for those facts – like I did with a Roots Radics discography – and I don’t care much for flexing my interaction competency or subcultural capital as an oenophile. I just enjoy the smelling, tasting and conjuring of what I enjoy. That’s why, every summer, I make sure to taste every Pinto Gris in my general price $15-$30 price range. And so far, the Andre Blanck 2007 has all the pear and apple, touch of smoke, near perfect acidity and life from cork to last sip that I love. At $20 it’s summer’s Pinot Gris #1. Number 2 to follow. Recommendations welcome. Pictures to shop by  welcome.