When it comes to social research, some of us have a way with words and an eye for ethnography. Thanks to Rob Spence, a Canadian filmmaker, that eye could go bionic in no time. As Wired and others have noted this week, Spence is planning to incorporate a video camera into his prosthetic eye. I’ve been eyeing (no pun intended) this little camera that hangs around your neck like a Flava Flav necklace to do more discrete ethnographic observations. That’s starting to look like last year’s hot idea.

Such additions to being-human are not widely available nor are they currently part of the consumer landscape; however, Moorfields Eye Hospital in London has impanted artificial retinas in two patients to receive electrical impulses from an Argus II camera attached to a pair of sunglasses that sends moving, rudimentary images of motion and light/dark through the optic nerve to the brain.

We’re entering a whole new era of surveillance. Foucault would shit his pants. I’m calling Oscar Goldman!