June 2008

The web world of charity, social enterprises and people-helping-people is its own growing global population ostensibly dedicated to solving the world’s most pressing problems through the intersections of social media, money, education, individuals, governments and big corporations. New on the scene and, perhaps, worthy of an award for site design – the simplicity of stacking & rolling text to a soundtrack beats most others in this field hands down – shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering that The Girl Effect is a Nike Foundation (with partners) project. I’m not sure how anthropologically sound the strategy behind the program is, although I’m all for backing young girls as the solution to solving issues far and wide. I am sure that the name, the text, the music, and the simplicity of the strategy will catch on and make The Girl Effect the social enterprise to watch in the year ahead.


H Rizzle will eat almost anything once.

Just when you thought you’d tried some out-there foods (I’ve had snake, dog and various cow organs in Indonesia), along comes Peace Magazine’s founder and publisher with the one-up: zebra, impala, ostrich and a whole host of South African game you’d rather watch on TV than see on your plate. Pics are not enough HR – where’s the video you’re holding out on!?!?!

Stunning, awesome, for no reason to do with the type of animation – maybe it’s the fluidity of movement – this reminds me of Miyazaki. You must watch this.