May 2008

Dear Coke (or similarly monstrous multinational),

Looking for a new ad campaign? Something fresh, exciting, young, hot – you know, all those words you bandy around the boardroom as you look to pat each other on the back for an idea well done?

Or, looking to save a few bucks on all those Creative Directors that, well, might not be that creative? Why hire them at all when you’ve already got mountains of film that could be creatively re-purposed to launch an entirely new (and fresh, and exciting, and young, and hot) spin on the TV, Web or (please…no) pre-movie ad?

Here’s a hint. Consider it the tip of an iceberg – something to melt on while I’m sipping Pepsi.


I’ve recently taken to Googling my way to certain URLs, a lazy or, perhaps, most time-efficient method of getting from one place to another that I picked up from my wife. In doing so, my less-frequent-than-before trips to LinkedIn revealed to me the presence of a certain media powerhouse who ranks #2 when you Google the pro networking site. Seeing his name, well, I couldn’t resist. Yeah, I know – it’s probably part of his whole grassrootsy social networking campaign vibe, and his little aides likely approve everybody. But who doesn’t want to be the first kid on their LinkedIn block who can claim that the man who could be the next President of the United States is his L.I. homes? Peep the Hasselhoff pic. Visit my profile.

You know you’re working too much and behind the pop culture 8 ball when a little Philipina girl sneaks up behind you and drops a bomb that she’s quite possibly the next singing sensation that you had no clue about cause you’re 40 and not as desperate to be in the loop as you were twenty years ago. Oh well, that’s what I have Kengwei for. That, and the design genius. Thanks Kengwei – I’ve watched every vid that pop ups on You Tube for her, including the You Tube 1.0 mash-up with Beyonce, which is hot enough for B in that dress with those hips.