Talking with a monster software company back in December I learned that one of their genius ideas to help push their idea lab into the future and sell their MP3 player in the present was to consult on the regular with major record label execs about – get this – how music consumers would be consuming music in the future. Now, anyone who knows anything about the record industry knows that the record industry doesn’t really know anything about the record industry anymore. Well, not exactly – but if sales of CDs and the general state of panic in that financial realm are indication, you get the picture. Seth Godin has posted a PDF on his blog of a recent talk he gave to some music execs about the one thing that most, if not all, of them lack: innovation. That they’ve been scared for a while is fact. Now that the drums have stopped beating maybe the major labels are finally going to prepare for the arrival of what Godin calls the ‘tribe’.