Considering the ‘test version’ of the front page that popped up today, throwing up a LinkedIn visual on this post just isn’t worth it.

Now, as a major LinkedIn fiend over the past month’s (successful, thanks!) job quest, I’ve become very intimate with the day-to-day shiftings of my Connections, using my Connections list to access my favourite blogs (Dino and Idris!), checking out how many times my name appeared in search engines, checking who visited my profile, back-door Googling my way into viewing all the details of the Private profiles (it’s easy, if you haven’t tried) and so on. So when I discovered this 1.0 spin on a site that, from searching their own Jobs postings, I know are in a major redefining phas, I was very disappointed. That’s all, that’s it on the critique: all I’ll say is this shit looks almost as dull as Lyro.